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Leather and Leather working

Live Action Role Playing

  • LRP Store has the largest online selection of Theatre, film & LRP/LARP props in Europe, supplying worldwide to your doorstep. From stage blood to safe weapons to a wide selection of costumes & theatrical makeup.
  • AURA Gaming
    We are a live action role playing company.
  • NERO Massachusetts Home Page
    Links to resources that Live Action Role Playing players would be interested in: weapons, armor, costume, makeup, etc. We are a we are a Live-Action Role Playing Organization based in Massachusetts: we run medieval/fantasy events one to two times a month for a player base of 100-200 per event. The game is not historically accurate by any means (Goblins in green face-paint, boffer-weapon sword fights and birdseed packet spells); however our player base does strive for a medieval feel through costume and accessories.
    Merry met and welcome! We are a medieval fantasy live action role play group in Northern Virginia.
  • Shade's LARP List
    We list Live Action Role Playing groups and web sites related to this past time. We have an international web presence.

Medieval, Renaissance & SCA

  • Black Dragon Company
    This is a personal web page created for and maintained by members of the SCA We have articles, links, and information as well as a "brag" page, and are members of 3 web rings.
  • A Boke of Gode Cookery
    Medieval recipes, food & feasts.
  • Chapel Perilous
    The site is dedicated to helping keep alive the ideals of Chivalry and Honor.
  • House Of Fools
    The web home of the House Of Fools, a small household in the SCA.
    This is the official website of Hus Langskipp (or House of the Longship), a household with in the S.C.A. Though our "Langskipp Merchants Row" page we promote S.C.A merchants, artisans, and services which have impressed us over the years.
  • International Wenches Guild
    Guild site for IWG members.
  • Shire of Glenn Linn
    This is a website describing the activities of an SCA group located in upstate NY, currently we have a page devoted to "items of interest" for Scadians - everything from group organization, to rules of combat.
  • Tara's Page
    Personal info, SCA info, links, free deals.

Renaissance Faires

  • The Renaissance Faire Homepage
    The goal of the Renaissance Faire Homepage is to contain a wealth of material for renfaire workers and customers alike.

Role Playing Games (Table Top)

  • B.Y.O.V.
    General gaming, role-playing, links to sites that have clothing and other fantasy items.
  • The Dark Library
    Lots of AD&D stuff.
  • Deepwoods Software / Role Playing Database
    A software package for Role Playing Games, specifically
  • Myth Drannor
    A RPG and role playing site.
  • RPG World Free For All
    A site devoted to creation and promotion of role playing games around the world.
  • The Sarcophagus of Knowledge
    It is a massive RPG archive of 40mb+ of files for AD&D and Role playing games. All files are available for free and used by players and game masters. Enhance your game today!
  • Zayix's Falgorna Archives
    Good moons and good stars! Welcome to my original fantasy world for Dungeons & Dragons begun in 1978 - a place of magic, myth and monsters with a Celtic flavor. Also, fantasy artwork by Jason Bovee and fiction.

Weapons & Armor

  • Armadillo Armory & Collectibles
    The online source for your Medieval or Renaissance or Civil War Collectibles with their history. At Armadillo Armory & Collectibles you find armour, axes, chainmaile, helmets, knifes, Japanese swords, pikes, polearm, shields, spears, swords and other period weapons.
  • Blades of Tara
    We sell knives, swords and unique, unusual gift ware items. We cater to the medieval theme and supply many reenactors and theater prop houses.
  • South Tower Armouring Guild
    Armour, Chainmaille, real swords, knives, daggers. Martial arts supplies, rattan swords. Cloaks, sword and knife repair and custom work.



  • Denver Fabrics

    Fabric for fashion, dancewear, costumes, rug hooking, crafts and home décor.  Many silk, wool, and linen designer fabrics.  Prices often at or below wholesale fabric pricing.  Also sewing notions, trims, books and patterns at discount.
  • Air Jordans Shoes

    Daily sneaker news and info about your favorite shoes.

  • Oakley Sunglasses

    Oakley Sunglasses and many more Designer Sunglasses on Sale




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