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All skins from food animals only

The selection of leather suede that I've accumulated over the years is vast. My intention is to eventually catalog each color, texture and pattern of leather and suede in my inventory using scanning technology so that you can access each one and choose the exact one you would like. Until I complete this task, I will be using a basic list of the colors that different suedes and leathers are available in. Since my work is mainly one-of-a-kind, I can create most of the designs that you see in virtually any colors you would like. The only requirement is that I have enough time to complete the order, an average is three to four weeks.

The main skins that I utilized in creating my garments are pig skin, lamb skin and cow hide. With the advances in tanning technology, food animal skins such as the above, can be made to look like exotic skins such as snake, crocodile, lizard and alligator and these are the type of skins that I use exclusively. No endangered species! All of the leather and suede that I use comes from food animals only!

Recycling Statement

The path of recycling is what started this whole thing. I have committed myself to the goal of full utilization of all the materials that come to me. I have focused on the mantra...

  • Minimizing Waste
  • Full Utilization
  • Brings Completion
  • and Renewal

Along with a commitment to appreciate the gifts this world presents to us, comes the realization that the way to enhance this, is by minimizing our impact in the form of pollution and industrial waste. Any material that I'm lucky enough to work with I consider a gift! And a gift should not be wasted.

This calling has led me to continue to evolve new ways of using some of the smallest pieces, the latest of which is a kind of a Tactile Tassel; which is made from the tiny, thin slivers of soft, squishy leather and suede . It is easily attached for use as an ear ring, on the key ring, for a zipper pull or for streaming from the hand grip on a motorcycle flying down the road. Visit the online store and check on Accessories, Tactile Tassel's to see the photos of these new things. I really love them, and not just because they take me one step closer to full utilization. I think they are also a very cool design, and I just simply love to touch them and hold them in my hand. Check them out!

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